Roy Lichtenstein Portraits

This week both my 3rd-5th and my 6th and up groups learned about pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.  We looked at his work and discussed the graphic line and how he showed emotion in his cartoon-like faces.  I showed students the basics of facial proportion to get them started.  We looked at ways to show emotion through facial features.  The idea was to have a very emotional person with a benign thought or word bubble.  The contrast made them very funny.  We used markers to add just a little color to the portraits and then cut them out and glued them to colored paper.  I pre-printed dotted paper to mimic Lichtenstein’s BenDay dots.

Most kids love learning how to draw faces more realistically, and Lichtenstein’s graphic, cartoon style was a hit with students.  Some students loved the idea of adding words and dotted paper and some preferred to leave it plain.  I love that there was a lot of room for individuality and self expression in this project.

img_4307 img_4306 img_4302 img_4301 img_4300 img_4299 img_4298 img_4297 img_4296 img_4295 img_4294 img_4284 img_4283 img_4282 img_4281

img_4305 img_4304 img_4303 img_4293

Thank you to Patty at DSS for the project idea. : )

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