Aztec Warriors

A workshop on Mexican art wouldn’t be complete without a lesson on the Aztecs.  We began by reading The Sad Night by Sally Schoffer Matthews.  This is a longer story than I normally read in class.  It gives a brief history of the Aztec civilization and then tells of their encounters and subsequent battles with Spanish explorers.  I thought they might not be listening, but the questions and comments after proved to me the were definitely paying attention. : )  We did a directed drawing of an Aztec warrior and then let students create their own elaborate patterns for his clothing.  We used markers to color the patterns.  I recently discovered Sharpie “brush” markers, which were a big hit!  Several kids asked me where I got them. (Hint to parents. : ) )  Not everyone loves this kind of detail work, but some students really enjoyed it.  I wish I had taken more pictures.


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